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Corporate Yoga & Meditation

Forward looking companies have employee wellness at the heart of their business. If your firm is seeking ways to support workplace wellbeing in Yorkshire, talk to me about how I can bring yoga tools to your organisation to promote mindfulness, relieve stress and tension, increase creativity and help your employees feel a sense of contentment.

It’s common knowledge that policies and programmes to support employee wellness improve engagement, job satisfaction, retention and productivity amongst your team. But awareness days and seasonal events happen on an ad-hoc basis. How can you ensure that the talent within your organisation feels vitality on a consistent basis? After all, common stressors in the workplace happen all year round.

Yoga and meditation are tools that can be applied at any time and changes can be felt by the individuals attending in less than one hour.

These wellness modalities will help your team on a physical, mental and social level, and by providing access to a regular session (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly), you give your workforce a structured way to take a break during the day.

When you are focusing on human outcomes, there’s nothing more human that you can provide, than yoga and meditation.

Contact me to discuss your workplace requirements.

My Signature Wellness Workshops include:

Introduction to Meditation

Creating Wellness Rituals (Self Care)

Manifest & Flow (Yoga asana and embodiment)

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