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Nadine Nadine

Nadine is a body positive yoga teacher body with a passion for joyful movement and cultivating everyday mindfulness.

Corporate yoga in person for West Yorkshire based businesses; online yoga and meditation sessions for clients worldwide and a wellbeing speaker or mindfulness facilitator for your event. Click here to find out how you can invest in your rest or ‘Flow & Go!’

Nadine Hill Yoga Teacher Dolphin pose

Nadine in Wild Thing
Modified Wild Thing pose. My asanas are about expression, not perfection.

My latest projects

I love movement, writing, photography, business, meditation, new ideas, creative pursuits, organising things and a good night’s sleep!

 In 2022 I qualified as a Yoga Teacher in Costa Rica, learning in a beautiful jungle setting with yogis from around the world.

Now back home in the UK, Yorkshire, I am delivering private 1:1 classes; corporate lunchtime yoga for city office workers and Hatha yoga at local studios. Follow me on Instagram for event and pop up announcements and join my mailing list.

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Images & news from latest projects

Come find me on social media for my latest updates including new class launches.

Nadine in yoga toe pose
Nadine in Tolsana