Latest Projects

I’m excited to be almost finished writing my first novel in the domestic noir genre, a psychological thriller where I created a picture of perfect domestic bliss. Then ripped it to shreds! This book is for the survivors. The battle scarred. The brave. For anyone who has ever had the rug pulled out from under them. My characters are called Helena, Steven and Jack. You’ll like them, they are nice people, they could even be you. By the end of the book however, you will be glad they are not!

Writing a work of creative fiction has been a long held dream, and a completely different process than creating non fiction long form works. Many years ago I wrote two non fiction business books, one about being a virtual assistant and the other about time management. Both still sell on Amazon, search my name to find them. The Virtual Assistant Handbook was even a bestseller for the briefest of moments. That is the book that still earns continuing royalties a decade later!