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Yoga Nidra

This is a stillness class, not a movement class. Yoga Nidra promotes deep relaxation and meditation, shifting your brain waves from a beta state (awakened with lots of brain activity) to an alpha state (relaxed, restorative and restful).

This powerful process is often known as Yogic Sleep. You can get more information and book your place at my website. This event is called “COSY CLUB”.

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Yoga: Weekly classes in Normanton, West Yorkshire

Classes are held in Normanton on Tuesday afternoon and Sunday morning. The hour long session is a classic Hatha yoga class which will concentrate on releasing tension, connecting with the breath and gaining strength and flexibility.

Find out more information and book your place at my website SHOP page.

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I am honoured to work with the lovely people of Yorkshire through my daytime in-person yoga classes, but did you know that I also offer worldwide Yoga classes via Zoom? You can find out more about what I offer in the dropdown tab above.

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