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I love yoga in all forms; how you can show up to class feeling one way and an hour later – find yourself calmer and happier than before. I became a yoga teacher in midlife – having not always been physically fit, so I know first hand what it feels like to ache, be in an overweight body, experience daily stiffness and mentally feeling rushed or overwhelmed.  I spent many years operating out of ‘Fight or Flight’ mode, hypervigilant and always occupied.  I never rested or took a pause – always busy doing.


When I found yoga, I discovered calm for the first time. The practice held me while I worked out my body and mind on the mat. I continued my twice weekly practice for a decade before reaching a career crossroads and deciding to follow my heart to study yoga in my late 40’s.  I have been teaching yoga since February 2022 when I returned from my training in the jungle of Costa Rica, and started bringing yoga to people in my home town.  Since then I have launched an online yoga studio to make digital classes available to people everywhere. I don’t believe that geography or a busy schedule should be an obstacle to taking the class of a teacher you like, and I’m proud to deliver my online classes across the UK (and one day, worldwide!) to my wonderful clients.


As well as my digital classes, I host in person events from my private studio. My popular Cosy Club is a monthly Yoga Nidra event for deep relaxation and I also hold Sister Circles and other personal development gatherings for local women.  Retreats are my next step and I am currently organising my first one day retreat in the UK.


Yoga with me:

Here are my On Demand Yoga classes, available to purchase now:

Hatha Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Yin Yoga by candlelight


If you try and enjoy the Hatha yoga class above, and would like a new yoga class each week, click here to see my weekly class option, which delivers a new flow to your Inbox every Wednesday.


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My mailing list is the first place I announce anything new – classes, retreats, workshops etc.  join here.


I also have an Amazon Storefront which contains yoga props, clothes, books / education and self care ideas. This storefront is an affiliate storefront which means that it is a collection that I have pulled together (it includes things I have bought myself) from other Amazon retailers. It is not a store which I own or fulfil any orders for. By using my Amazon link and purchasing an item it does not affect the price that you pay, but it does generate a small percentage for me as an affiliate which helps me to pay for my website.

I look forward to sharing yoga with you soon!

Namaste 🙏🏼✨✨✨

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